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Getting Ahead of the Curve

APM PMQ for PRINCE2 Project Managers

APM arranges open exams for candidates who wish to self-study.

Organizations across the globe are now recognizing that there is an increased chance of project success when seeking candidates for a new role, to seek out truly competent and capable project managers with the flagship qualification of the APM Project Management Qualification for PRINCE2 Practitioners (formerly known as APMP for PRINCE2 Practitioners)

Our APM PMQ For PRINCE2 Practitioner Masterclass is aligned to The APM Body of Knowledge 6th Edition and are available to purchase

Can you imagine the pain and expense of failing to get sufficient pass marks and that you miss out in gaining this prestigious qualification?

If you are struggling to climb the promotion and salary ladder and frustrated at the amount of success you currently have – and the time taken to get there – yet you know one small but important step in the right direction is going to be enough to make it all start happening for you…then your day is about to get a lot better.

Grasp your Potential

Because…    regardless of your “competition”, “recession”, or the economy, the truth is your career and earning potential will accelerate due to a specific and powerful qualification you need to grab.

Mastering Skills

if and only if you master a surprisingly small number of simple skills and knowledge and put some very easily copied strategies to work for you in gaining this qualification.

Earn More

As an aspiring professional you can potentially earn a salary increase of £10,000 per year with the APM Project Management Qualification after your name.

You will gain an internationally recognized knowledge based qualification (IPMA Level D) and fully portable qualification – with NO “continuing professional development” constraints, that proves your mastery and competence of project management.

APM Project Management Qualification for PRINCE2® Practitioners

I already have PRINCE2 – why do I need APM PMQ?


APM PMQ and PRINCE2 are complementary approaches to project management - they are not in competition with each other

PRINCE2 gives a project manager a process-driven life-cycle framework – a ‘route-map’ through a project. It does not attempt to provide the project manager with all the skills and techniques required along the way.

APM PMQ does just the opposite. Rich in techniques, it focuses on the knowledge required by the project manager rather than setting out a framework of processes.

Project Managers, Team Managers and Project Support members will all benefit from investing in this training by learning the many additional many project management aspects that the PRINCE2® method does NOT cover in depth.

Anyone Can Do It

Anyone who is a PRINCE2 Practitioner can do this

If you can write in plain English and follow The Projex Academy Simple Six-Step Pass Blueprint (don't worry about your spelling, grammar or neat handwriting - they are not important in this exam!),

This course is designed for those who already have the PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification.

As an existing PRINCE2 Practitioner, you can become a full APM PMQ with less effort, time and money by taking an easier and shorter route, APM PMQ for PRINCE2 Practitioners exam.

Make the most of your PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification and step up onto the APM (The Association of Project Managers) Qualification Ladder

Dave Litten

Why is Dave Litten The APM PMQ "Go To" Guy?

Good Question. I must not be humble here. If you are concerned about gaining this prestigious qualification, then this is The Projex Academy promise to fix it for you:

  • I have taught APM PMQ for a decade in countless classrooms up and down the country
  • My APM PMQ Mastery System can be studied at a time and a pace that suits YOU
  • I have helped hundreds of hopefuls to win their APM PM Qualification
  • I am a Master of teaching the APM PMQ Syllabus - and making the topics easily understood
  • I have intimate"insider" knowledge of the exam and the questions asked
  • I spent 14 months developing The Projex Academy Six-Step APM PMQ For PRINCE2 Practitioners Mastery System - and I know you are going to love it!
  • My Mastery System takes you Step-By-Step in Easy Bite-Sized chunks
  • I teach you The Projex Academy "insider" Exam Pass Techniques
  • I demonstrate the perfect exam answer structure and approach
  • I Guarantee You Will Pass

Classrooms Suck

Experience shows classroom courses are Bad News

Distance Learning ( eLearning) is far superior and easier than classroom learning. You can learn in your own time, at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home, office, or even on your mobile device.

APM PMQ For PRINCE2 Practitioners

The Projex Academy APM PMQ For PRINCE2 Practitioners Masterclass is the best way to master APM PMQ for PRINCE2 at your own pace.

Did you know that the typical rushed, high learning curve 3-day classroom training costs for APM PMQ For PRINCE2 Practitioners training is over £1000 - and that does not include the cost of travel, accommodation, and valuable time lost from your family and business. Ouch.

Not all distance learning training packages are born equal - others just use standard materials that you would get in the classroom and have not been expanded and tailored for distance learning

Yet, using The Projex Academy Learning System, you can get the same APM PMQ Qualification using Open Exams available either through the APM in the UK or the British Council in your country and these only cost around £200 - a total saving of over a third of classroom courses!

Think on this: 

  •    No cramped and rushed classroom training
  •    No travel
  •    No hotels
  •    No lost time with your family and work
  •    Prepare in your own time when it suits you and learn at your own pace - in easy steps
  •    No deadlines
  •    Just "rinse and repeat" with The Projex Academy full colour videos and Handbooks...

This Fast-Track course, is exclusively for PRINCE2 Practitioners, recognizing this prior learning by taking out the APM PMQ syllabus those topics that have already been assessed within the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam, and who now wish to gain the prestigious APM PMQ Qualification.

The APM Syllabus and Exam have changed since the beginning of 2015 so beware of old material and training information that you may come across...

What is it?

The Complete APM Project Management Qualification Mastery System!

My complete system is 100% downloadable in the form of MP4 and PDF document files - direct to your computer for a speedy start to your APM PMQ preparation!

You’ll learn a streamlined, flexible, step-by-step approach to managing projects of any size, in any industry.

  • The APM PMQ Qualification provides you with greater tools to successfully deliver projects, while minimizing project failure, increased productivity and delivers high levels of customer satisfaction
  • The APM PMQ for PRINCE2 Practitioners Exam is a two hour closed-book, essay-style paper, with answers needed from a choice of only six from ten questions covering 25 topics. The pass mark is 55%
  • APM PMQ for PRINCE2 Practitioners covers ten high level learning outcomes from the APM Body of Knowledge. Awareness of these is considered fundamental to the professional management of projects.

APM PMQ for PRINCE2 Practitioners Syllabus

Full Colour Pictures of Every Slide in Each Video Module

Each of the Five PDF Handbooks contain not just the full colour pictures of each slide (and space to make notes if needed), but also a set of typical APM PMQ Exam question segments on the topic that has just been covered. So you get to practice and hone your question answering knowledge and skills as you go.

Learning should be Easy

Learn with Video and Image based study guides

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Instead of presenting you with lists of boring bullets that you have to read and remember, The Projex Academy videos include full colour graphics instead. Check out the small excerpt on the right showing six media examples and notice how it is much easier to remember due to the colour images.

Easily Grab Mark-Gathering Key Points, Hints and Tips

In a classroom, you only get to HEAR these from your trainer because there is no time to present them. You either miss them or frantically scribble them down too quickly losing concentration in the process. You won't have that problem with The Projex Academy HD Videos. I have taken a great deal of time and care to dynamically add such key points, hints and tips one at a time, onto the relevant slide, and THEN take the time to explain them to you as I introduce each one.


Enjoy ALL the Benefits of The Projex Academy APM PMQ Mastery System 100% Risk-Free

  • THIRTY MODULE VIDEO LIBRARY is focused exactly on what you need to know to pass your APM Project Management Qualification. You won't get brain-fade, because each video module is dedicated to a single aspect of the Official APM PMQ Syllabus and I leave no stone unturned to give you the very best, easy, step-by-step, learning experience
  • YOUR SET OF FIVE HANDBOOKS with full colour diagrams of the video slides, so you can highlight and take notes as you watch each video
  • TAILORED EXAM-STYLE EXERCISES to carry out in each Handbook. Don't wait until the exam to discover you did not remember everything. These will hone your exam-passing skills and highlight any areas that you may need to go back over
  • MY EXAM CRAM SUMMARIES. Use these when you’re checking your progress and bouncing ideas of what, if any, topics that need re-enforcing. It´s a safety net to catch any assumptions you may be making about your progress
  • DETAILED EXAM TECHNIQUES and Your Complete LIBRARY OF EXAM TOPIC ANSWERS - How Can You Fail?! I demonstrate what a good "pass-mark" answer will look like, so you swiftly pick up how to craft simple mark-grabbing answers - you can´t fail!
  • MULTIPLE SAMPLE APMP EXAM PAPERS. You can practice your syllabus knowledge under real exam conditions, so there is no way that you can fail when you attempt your real exam! You get virtually unlimited time to practice - you will love ’em
  • EXCLUSIVE EXAMINER VIDEO - included within Module 1 - feedback and advice from the Chief Examiner. These are vital tips to help you gain maximum marks - without them you may fail!
  • 30 MP3 AUDIO TRACKS taken from The Projex Academy Video recordings. Now, you can learn on the move at any time at any place
  • As always, you get email support from me if there are any topics that you need extra help with (I´m sure you won´t need to - but The Projex Academy offer is there, just in case!)


Your own APM PMQ Syllabus Topic Overview - keep this finger-tip-handy for when you need a ready reference to check your progress. Avoid the hassle of having to plow through all the material. They're  never far away - you've got all the facts and formula right here at your fingertips so you never need to hunt for missing information again.

It's the perfect APM PMQ syllabus Overview for you to check regularly as you step through The Projex Academy APM PMQ Mastery System....You now have the ability to "check off" your progress as you flow through The Projex Academy videos...You'll never get confused and waste mark-gaining time in the real exam, because you will have already mastered the art of writing down crisp and focused answers!

44 APM PMQ Sample Questions from the Syllabus - and their Sample ANSWERS!

I've done all the heavy lifting so YOU don't have to!APM PMQ For PRINCE2 Practitioners
Not sure about the structure or content of a question's answer? Worried that you may lose precious exam minutes because you're over-thinking what you need to write - or worse, having to start over? No Problem. By the time you sit your exam, you'll have had oodles of practice. Better yet, you will understand exactly how to write down those all-important mark scoring sentences for the examiner to hang high marks on!

Imagine what it would be like if you had a whole library of the style, approach and real examples of likely questions to come up on your real exam....

Well, wonder no more, because I've done all the heavy digging for you. Here´s where you get to hone your knowledge and question answering skills - I could not have made it any easier for you to pass! You'll never get confused and waste mark-gaining time in the real exam, because you will already have mastered the art of writing down crisp and focused answers!

REAL EXAM QUESTIONS for You To Practice and Hone Your Answering SkillsAPM PMQ For PRINCE2 Practitioners

I've done everything except sit the exam for you (sorry, I can't do that!)

APM PMQ For PRINCE2 PractitionersThe number one cause of exam failure is often running out of time in order to properly structure a mark-scoring answer. But that won't happen to you, because when you turn up for your exam - you'll be in fighting form to lay down juicy answers for the examiner to hang marks on! There is no getting away from it - having a very good idea of the questions that may appear in your exam gives you an almost unfair advantage, and you won't feel stressed at YOUR APM PMQ Exam, because the questions you get will feel like shaking hands with old friends!

APM PMQ For PRINCE2 Practitioners

Okay, So How Much is The APM PMQ For PRINCE2 Practitioners?

Want full access for less than $10 per month?

The focus of The Projex Academy APM PMQ for PRINCE2 Practitioners Masterclass is to provide you with a level of knowledge that will enhance your personal effectiveness in project management and give you an additional world-recognized professional qualification. The latest APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition contains 73 exam assessment criteria, but as 26 of these are already covered by PRINCE2 Practitioner, the exam is one hour shorter and only 47 criteria will be examined – a reduction of over one third!

I´m so confident of your success, that I offer a 100% Guarantee that you will pass if you follow The Projex Academy Six Step System - How´s that for a training partner?

Why YOU Need To Act NOW!

You can start The Projex Academy APM PMQ For PRINCE2 Practitioners Masterclass right now!

As a PRINCE2 Practitioner, are you are allowed to take a much-reduced version of the syllabus and exam, making it much easier to pass!.

Should the APM choose to withdraw this privilege, you will be forced to take the more difficult and longer full-strength version of the exam. So get in quick!

APM Project Management Qualification for PRINCE2® Practitioners


And remember...If you don't pass with The Projex Academy APM PMQ Mastery Signature System, I'll provide you with personal email support until you do....

Fact is, you can’t possibly lose. Even if I’m wrong, you risk nothing because of The Projex Academy personal support guarantee.



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