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Dave Litten FamilyHow Dave Litten and his range of Project Management Mastery Signature Systems Will Fast-Track Your PM Knowledge and Career To Financial Independence…

Without a step-by-step strategy to absorb project management ‘know-How’ what’s another “make it or break it” action that you need to secure to move your knowledge and career to the next step?

If you said ” to learn in a structured manner in easy bite-sized chunks and at a time that suits me” you’re right. But that’s not quite the whole story.

A huge problem with traditional classroom learning is that it’s normally crammed into a one-week course with you fighting for attention from the class instructor and trying to cope with a near-vertical learning curve. When you factor in your work and personal time commitments plus the pressure of preparing for an exam, it’s no wonder that classroom learning makes your head spin.

The truth is, you don’t need to rely on expensive classroom tuition to receive a great learning experience that will fully prepare for your enhanced PM career

Back in 2000 (after a few years of hard work), Dave developed a unique way of delivering a one-on-one downloadable video training experience that evolved from The Projex Academy ground-breaking training seminars. He called these project management training products Mastery Signature Systems

Today, after ten years of helping folks the world over to prepare and pass a variety of project management related exams and fast-track their careers and earning potential, Dave will teach you how with his range of Project Management range of Mastery Signature Systems to gain vital knowledge and skills and pass any relevant the exams at first attempt.

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Who Is Dave Litten?

Dave founded his range of downloadable Project Management Primer Systems on the eve of the Millennium, and since then has been designing, creating and launching his Project Management Mastery Systems as a full-time business.

Dave is passionate about giving his customers a great training experience in a cost and time-efficient manner, and is proud of the fact that hundreds, if not thousands of folks across the world have benefited from The Projex Academy project management training products.

One of the things Dave learnt about delivering training seminars was first creating a comfortable and safe environment for his students to learn, and second was to find creative and fun ways to build their knowledge and skills. Force feeding data and ‘death by PowerPoint’ was to be avoided at all costs!

He discovered he had a flair for taking complicated ideas and presenting them in an easy to digest manner.

He then used these experiences to create his first project management primer. It was a downloadable full color e-book, and started to sell well, but as broadband grew throughout the world followed by the mid 2000’s success of YouTube, it was clear that downloadable quality video training was the way to go…

In early 2004 he launched his first video mastery system and sales started to rocket. And by this time, knew that if he was going to make it online, it would be through his step-by-step video training skills driven by passion to give customers a world-class training experience at an affordable price.

Dave’s websites contained popular articles and great management content plus free downloads of valuable project management-related information.

Dave is a leading educator in online management training, an outspoken advocate of personal liberty and growth, and the Number One Project Management Online Trainer in Europe.

He has a home in Laguna, Philippines, plus a 1930’s farmhouse in Spain, where he lives with his wife Jude, and Brittany Spaniel Rango